[xbox one] Inventory screen weapon swap and other bugs


Hey thanks for 2.0 on console guys, i was waiting for it so long and i absolutely love the game thanks so much! 

There are A few bugs that badly need fixing though. The worst ive encountered so far is the inability to swap weapon sets on the inventory screen in-mission. It works as intended outside of one, but in a mission clicking right stick in the inventory does not switch sets untill you leave the screen, then it goes like it does in game and you can go back into the inventory to change the other set. Im aware that inventory management in mission is a new thing for 2.0 (i never played b4 2.0) so im not surprised this bug exists, it isnt game breaking but it is incredibly irritating so please fix it asap.

Another annoying problem with in mission only inventory is that equipping a weapon that the character holds differently from the previous weapon doesnt update the models stance, it just gets pasted onto the same place the old weapon was untill the inv screen is left. Annoying but not a big deal. Also rotating the character in the in mission inventory is really jerky like it has alow frame rate, while outside is perfect.

There are a ton of graphical errors, too numerous to mention in detail like overlapping and twitcy textures and strange texture artifacts like long rectangular panels of incorrect color on the floor. The worst though is that alot of detail textures and object meshes arent loading in leaving very low fidelity versions. There is this one bright red instrument panel looking object that seems to be used almost every wall in the first few missions that looks like its part of a ps1 game and never loads a better version. 

im aware that the game wont look as good on an original xbox 1 as on pc, but everything around this object and a few others looks good with detail, so thats what makes methink its a bug.

I just bought the season pass, even though im aware that you can get the dlc with fate points, just because i love the game so much, so please consider that a donation towards supporting the game on console with more bug fixes :P

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[xbox one] Inventory screen weapon swap and other bugs
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2 years 6 days ago
The skill point issue was certainly a delay of our backend servers.

We will get the tutorials as well as the journal checked!

Your first suggestion requires the re-design of the UI. I cannot promise any change in this regard but I will bring this up to my colleagues who designed the UI in the first place!:)

2 years 7 days ago

Ok, i get that, but in the inv screen i actually just want to change the other set, i would actually prefer to be able to change the other set without switching to it at all untill its needed in combat as all my psyker powers go into cooldown each time i switch. Im guessing thats not a bug and just a global behavior as my crusader has his skills reset each time he switches to, but since icant change loadout without switching it presents a problem

Why not just give each set their own box in the inventory? Theres plenty of room on the screen. Or you could just make the inv screen toggle change the set you are VIEWING and not which is equipped? The model doesnt have to change or anything, the prompt could be changed to say "swap weapon set view" or "modify alternate weapon loadout" or some such. At present the inv wep set toggle does nothing untill you leave the screen making the prompt there very confusing.

Also there are numerous slight typos and grammatical errors in the tutorial help texts and the cogitator text logs. I absolutely love the tex logs ang cogitator readouts by the way, ive never felt so immersed into the world of 40k, and the writing styles, titles and honorifics used there are very well researched. In the logs most of the typos are actually good for immersion as the charactor writing it could have made the mistake, but the tutorials should be fixed. For example, the journal tutorial says "press j to acces" when im on xbox. Also i cant find a way to enter the journal in mission without picking tutorials on the pause menu and tabbing over to it. Adittionally the part of the journal that explains different weapons, its like a weapon index (pistols, melee 1 handed, etc), that doesnt have a tab at all, the only way i found it in the first place is by selecting a weapon unlock in progression, which took me to that index. Im assuming its meant to be a part of the journal as the investigations and tutorials tabs are at the top.

One final bug to report, i leveled up twice last night, and didnt get my passive points till i logged on just now. Might just be a server delay, maybe you guys r doing background maintenance to fix the problem with season pass conten like footprints not showing idk, just thought id mention it.

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2 years 7 days ago
Thank you for the issues you shared.

Just as @LONEKHARNIVORE‍ said, cannot switching weapons in the inventory is not a bug as the process of the switching requires time but as the game is paused when the inventory is opened, the switching is not possible.
The rest of the matter got forwarded to our console team, they will check them out (especially the model stance problem).

2 years 8 days ago
The inventory screen one was covered in another post. The game is paused so cannot switch weapons or update poses until it is unpaused.