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 I can’t seem to get an answer on this. I’m currently level 25 I have over 30 blueprints. My tech tree is fully unlocked but yet I cannot craft anything I cannot modify anything. Is this a bug am I missing something the modifier I can’t even go into it’s blacked out and when you go to crafting I can only craft three things but yet I have over 30 blueprints .  It doesn’t even show that I have that many blueprints it only shows three items . Playing on Xbox one.

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Xbox one crafting
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3 years 10 days ago

There might be a bug.I an on Xbox also and it woks properly , all the blueprints are there and are visible.

3 years 11 days ago
 I got rid of that game that thing needs a patch so bad and they’re not saying anything about patching it. My blueprints wouldn’t even upload into my crafting station and like I said I have nothing but grafting material that’s all I did with every single thing I picked up I scrapped it. I went out and got shadows awakening I have had no bugs with this thing yet .
3 years 13 days ago
Did you click on the blueprints in your inventory so that they disappeared out of your inventory? Once you load the necessary materials, the modifier boxes are still black. You can only load modifier materials into boxes that connect to the initial materials in the adjacent black box, the black box above and the diagonal black box to the initial materials boxes. You can't load modifiers in black boxes that only connect to the red X boxes. You click the black box and your "cursor" will move to your materials at the bottom. You can only choose the ones that light up. You can then refine to get 1 of the lit materials if you don't have one available and then click on that refined material and it will load into the black box you had selected.
3 years 13 days ago
 Oh I have plenty of crafting materials that’s all I do is scrap everything  I pick up. I don’t sell anything .
3 years 13 days ago
Only if you have sufficient crafting material can you craft an item. The Blueprints in themselves are not enough. By salvaging items at Omicron can you get materials.
3 years 14 days ago

Looks like you ran into a bug. I'm on xbox too and it functions as it should be, i can see all blueprints i've learned so far.

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