[xbox] duplicate journal clues and vox communication missing


Im on an original xbox one and i found that clues found in game are added to the journal whether or not youve already found them, erroneously taking up an extra clue spot.

This is a bit particular but if you choose the "restart" option from the pause menu it doesnt remove the clues you found before you restarted or their little summaries (love those btw, very helpful) from the related investigation. Even the critical ones that you need to progress. That means when you collect them again they take up an extra square in the limited clue spots. If you quit the mission before the end, both are removed, but if you finish the mission the duplicate becomes permanent.

I discovered this because of another bug, in mission 4 where you rescue the guardsmen, when you get the second pair the space marine guy thorn starts saying something (ican see his vox face box pop up) but then a guardsman says "by the emperor, we are saved!" And thorns vox box goes away without playing the audio. I restarted the mission from the pause menu so i could see what he says and the second time the guardsman said "thank you inquisitor!" And it happened again. I checked the clues to see if there was a record and found it was there twice, as well as a number of other times i had restarted other missions because i thought i missed something or i just wanted to play it over again. I quitted and found the mission 4 dupes were gone, but all the previous ones were still there, as well as the little summaries that get added in the main center box (also duplicated on in mission restart.)

I started a new character and was able to duplicate this in an earlier mission that i hadnt restarted before.

It occurs to me that this bug could be quite bad, as the clue slots for each investigation are limited, and i have no idea how gracefully your game engine will react to an attempt to add to a full array. It might proceed as intended and merely not record clues that it has no space for, investigations might get stuck open and become uncompletable, or it might crash entirely and refuse to open the character again. I was tempted to proceed or restart missions till it fills just so i could report what happened, but i dont want to risk it so im going to delete all my characters and start anew without using the in mission restart (im only 4 missions in and quitting out works fine to restart)

Any other new players i suggest not using pause menu restarts on story missions for now

Oh also, the psykers voice logs are often ended early, it usually only cuts off a syllable or so, but the log in mission 4 where he mentions odd details and the statue having wings, that gets cut off several words early and theres one in aprevious mission where he only gets out a word or two (pretty sure i didnt skip it). Other than what i mentioned before its fine when he talks to someone else

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[xbox] duplicate journal clues and vox communication missing
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2 years 105 days ago
The Thorn radio-message got fixed internally and will be included in the next patch. 

As for the Psyker's voice gets abruptly cut off - this will get tested on our end!

2 years 106 days ago
I restarted my character and i found that the clues were listed twice because they were used as clues by two different investigations, i tried to dupe a cogitator screen using restart and it didnt work so ignore the bit about the duped clues, i wrong there