Xbox camera request.


First just want to say TY for what you guys have done for this game.  May I just make one request if possible ? The camera view,especially on consoles. Can there ever be a way to move the view more forward rather then completely TOP down ? Dont mean like a third person game where the camera is over your shoulder. But more of having it look more forward so  I can see better while still being able to see the bad ass model work you guys have done. Ty :)

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Xbox camera request.
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93 days ago
Shame, you guys did such a fantastic job on modelling and skins. Its too bad that I see the top of my head more then anything else. However, I understand, its not game breaking. Thank you for your reply and honesty :)
94 days ago

Well, our console team has many discussion over the camera angle but as things stand the current one will not likely to get changed. Naturally in case of increased feedback we will consider it.