Will the view controls get tweaked?


Hi all,

   Loving this game so far, even with all the quirks in the machine spirit (I have no problem helping find those during this phase).  Are there plans to update the view controls to allow you to pan the camera in a less rigid manner?  Quite a few times I've been attacked from behind a wall and had to walk a bit closer to target.

  Just curious.


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Will the view controls get tweaked?
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6 years 35 days ago
I would like to see an option  to make the camera follow you, might not be that good when moving away to get range but would be easier that adjusting it.

Can you make it tilt closer to the horizontal when you zoom in, to give you a slight over the shoulder look where you are aiming? Then when you zoom out the view is higher as it is now.

6 years 39 days ago
just aking A/D the default for left / right and keeping mouse wheel for in / out will do fine, it'll keep the hand in the normal awsd position and give access to all the normal skills. 
6 years 40 days ago
I agree - the camera needs work. Rebinding would be nice along with a camera lock.

And why aren't I able to go down into the 3rd person view that we've seen in some screenshots (almost level with the character) - would be really nice to be able to :)

6 years 40 days ago

Camara and Controls really needs some work. If they intend to change it, than NOW (during Alpha). Later on is well ... mostly never.

6 years 40 days ago
i thought A and D for camera rotation would be better just because thats where my hand lay on a keyboard 
6 years 40 days ago
Would be great also to pin the camera behind you, so you get a permanent third person view. 

Its the perspective i almost want every time. So i have to rotate at every corner...

6 years 40 days ago
Binding camera rotation to Q and E would be a convenient tweak. (rebinding the health boost to tilde?)