Will local coop be fixed?


My friend and i bought this game to replace diablo3 to play in local coop.

But the second player does not get "his own" character, only a pregenreated character leveled to the main character.
You cant manage gear skills or talents and does not save any progress (since you dont have one)

the main reason to play a game like this  (besides story, which you cant play in coop) is the character progress, tweaking of gear, skills and talents to get better and progress further.

with out this , its just random meaningless mayhem without purpose... not fun at all.

If this is not something that will be fixed in the near future, we will require a reversal of our purchase (digital download in xbox store)

please respond to my post, so i know wich way to go.

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Will local coop be fixed?
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2 years 302 days ago

Same for us, me and my wife bought the game for local coop, expecting it to be like Diablo 3, but then we found it wasn't absolutely like it, and this was very sad, frustrating. I wonder if I can get a refund.

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2 years 353 days ago


the campaign will be playable in coop as well after a major update which will come out in Q1 2019 but local coop most likely won't be an option in the short run. What is certain that after the mentioned update players can play through the campaign along with their friends who can use pre-made side characters.

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2 years 354 days ago
I have been following this game since before release. The only reason I have not bought it yet is because the local coop is crap. Will it be fixed? 

Will you be able to locally play two characters who can both be chosen/increase level etc and play through the campaign together? 

3 years 17 days ago

No, seriously guys. My wife and I played Diablo 3 RELIGIOUSLY for years. I'm talking Lvl 70 Paragon 1k+. When I first learned this was coming out what seems like years ago now, the wall behind me turned brown, only to realize that my excitement had been dwarfed by the disappointment of not being able to use your own characters together. The campaign is understandable, but it's utter nonsense that side missions can't be run sitting side by side. As of now, it seems our only real option is to trade profiles back and forth, progressing our characters in turns in the effort to stay equal, while the other uses some expendable peon who's life has absolutely no value.  Taking local co-op into "consideration" and "no promises" isn't exactly going to work in this game's favor, as now Diablo Immortal is coming, and that's only going to damage this game's population even more. Furthermore, "A couple requests" is like calling a Tyranid swarm a mold infestation. You guys broke alot of balls with the exclusion of that one feature, and it cost you, because nobody is going to recommend it as a better Diablo for just that reason unless it's fixed.   The Emperor would personally stand his rotting corpse from his throne just to spit a dust bunny at such heresy. 

3 years 37 days ago

Local coop needs to be fixed.

Can't run  the campaign.

Can't bring your character either.

Got it so my wife and I could play and experience the campaign together.

They totally screwed the pooch on this one.

3 years 38 days ago
ONLY reason I bought this was local coop.

Burned the money.


THEN learned there is no actual local coop, like Diablo 3.

Player 2 being a generic character?

Like my busy don’t even need to sign in?!?


I burned money for nothing.

Uninstalling the game.

I want a refund.

Claiming local coop and then dropping that hot mess on us was VERY unfair.

I bought this to game local with friends, not have them control a fake character that is nothing more than a random generated NPC. :( :( :(

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3 years 81 days ago
Local Coop really needs to be fixed. Diablo 3 was so much fun. So local coop now is quite nice to show the game to a friend, but playing together on one screen is what console people really love. 

Just my thoughts. 

3 years 82 days ago
I didn't realize this even had local co-op when I bought it but once I saw that I was completely excited because I have a buddy that comes over every week to play games with me but we won't put any time into it unless it is fixed so that we can both progress because we both feel there is no real reason to put time into it as is. Please make this more than just a last minute add-on because this would make the game quite epic. 
3 years 85 days ago
3 years 85 days ago
We will take the local coop into consideration since we got a couple of requests about this. Cannot promise that though.
3 years 85 days ago
3 years 86 days ago
Ill keep bumping this too. Its so important for local coop to be any fun or attractive at all. Instead of buying this game, we just went back to Diablo. We will definitely put our money up if yall ever add real local coop :)
3 years 86 days ago
I'd be also interested if local coop would be updated/reworked in way eg. Diablo 3 works - making a point to play and grind together, not just being a "henchman" as 2nd player. I picked up this game due to this feature which has been - in my view - falsely advertised. Indeed it has local coop, that's true. Although it is pretty much pointless in the long run. But I guess I waisted a huge pile of money with the Imperium Edition for which I cannot even as for a refund (another thanks goes to PSN). 

Could you please guys shed some light on the future of the local coop, if such thing exsist on your to do list or should I live with the thing that this won't happen. 

Great game BTW, but as I see many people are missing this feature a lot!


3 years 89 days ago
It would be nice to know if this game would be more socially supportive when people get together.  My son and his friends can play Diablo 3 together on the couch with no problems, but this game doesn't offer that.

He's a huge Warhammer 40k fan. I've bought him thousands in models and take him to a league every Wednesday night.  Social aspects are disappearing from games. We need to encourage people sitting next to one another rather than alone.

3 years 91 days ago
It is for me the same local coop makes no sense if the other player can't save his progress. To play a random character is not so much fun. 
3 years 91 days ago
Totally agreed. The local co-op was literally the only reason I picked this up on console. Me and the missus wanted to purge together, only to be greated by this absolute craptastic premade nonsense.

It's almost like this local co-op was a last minute addition that was slapped on in the cheapest, tackyest and easiest way possible.

Needless to say, a refund is in order. Suppose I'll go get Overwatch for the missus instead -_-

3 years 94 days ago
- same for me and my wife