What happens to this game when YOU shut down the servers?


This is a VERY relevant question for ALL gamers.

When this game shuts its servers down which will happen, will the fans of this game have a piece of useless crap?  A drink coaster?  Always online is NOT consumer friendly if you cant play a single player campaign offline.  If a fan wants to come back and play this game in five years to play through again, can they?  If you shut down the servers it is the biggest waste of time to do anything if the fan cant go back and play a game again.

This is wrong.  We dont want rentals.  We dont want milk that expires and is then tossed and forgot about.  

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What happens to this game when YOU shut down the servers?
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3 years 285 days ago
I'm not sure the business argument for "always online" is compelling here. But - as the current PSN outage exemplifies - the quality of life/ease of use side strongly favors offline functionality.
3 years 350 days ago

The issue has been resolved on our end, the servers are running fine again. Our apologize for the inconvenience this matter may have caused! 

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3 years 350 days ago

We are working on the problem, I will notify everyone here once the connection has been restored!

3 years 351 days ago
I just got this game on xbox and played a little last night. It was ok. I liked the atmosphere and was pretty  much what I was expecting.

Today, I can't connect to servers. Nothing on server status is available on twitter. I have checked through the day to see if I could play and just more disappointment. 

EB games says I have a 2 day period in which I can return the game. After doing a little digging I found my issues are alot of people's issues. I will be getting my money back tomorrow.

The single player campaign is unplayable with the "always online" and what appears to be your poor servers.

3 years 351 days ago
Brother Kundari
Nothing like that. Like I said we are planning to make the game playable even after years.
3 years 352 days ago
Yep, when they shut down the servers for this game....

Well, then there won´t be possible to play this game any longer.

End of story.


3 years 358 days ago

According to our intentions the servers will remain live in the next couple of years as we will support it for a long time  and we have our plans to make the game available offline as well after that.