[weapon skill position]



I just post to point something out, about weapon skill order.

Actually we have (on bottom screen) :

weapon skill 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 (from left to right).

Skill 1 shortcut : mouse left

Skill 2 shortcut : mouse right

Skill 3 shortcut : key 1 (&)

Skill  4 shortcut : key 2 (é)

So with mouse in the right hand and left hand on keyboard :  i activate  the 2 skills ont the left side  with my right hand AND i activate the 2 skills on the right side with my left hand.

And for my little brain, it's a torture ... kinda.

Because there's an option to rebind skills 3 and 4, but not skill 1 and 2.

So please, add an option to allow us to rebind shortcut (didnt' see the option, but i may have missed it) for ALL the weapon skill.

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[weapon skill position]
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6 years 315 days ago

First thing I did was to remap the attacks on keys 1 & 2 to additional mouse buttons...

6 years 315 days ago

All buttons defintely need to be rebindable. In addition to mouse 1 and 2, middle mouse is also hardcoded as camera rotation. Would be nice if we could change that too.

For maximum customizability, it'd probably be great if we could drag and drop which position the 4 weapon skills are in.