Warp Attunement and Sanctic Aura dont work at Unhinged?


Warp Attunement perk and Sanctic Aura (Psy Focus attribute 25) doesnt seem to work at unhinged. maybe I dont understand the anomalies or maybe positives can only appear at imperiled? if so maybe the Warp Attunement and Sanctic Aura should decrease the chance for bad anomalies to appear so it can also be useful at Unhinged.

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Warp Attunement and Sanctic Aura dont work at Unhinged?
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109 days ago
It is in our plans to get over the anomalies in the upcoming period so some changes will likely take place.
110 days ago
the reason I asked for this is game sometimes becomes unplayable thanks to anomalies. those triangle things filled the entire screen once. not to mention I managed to summon 5+ demons in under a minute sometimes. things like that makes high warpheat play too much trouble to deal with. not to mention screen color change starts to hurt your eye after a while.