Void shards problem


I can't change type of void shards in void crusade menu. How to fix this problem?

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Void shards problem
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102 days ago
The next console patch will implement the Ebony Void Crusade into the game. Estimated arrival of the patch is 2 weeks. We would like to ask your patience until it arrives.
105 days ago
I had the same issue. I was getting Ebony Shards, had accumulated like 13 or so but had no way to spend them.

Found a PC site that implied you needed to have Prophecy for the Ebony Crusade, so I figured - I'm liking the game, got it for a song on PSN so why not test it out for $20.

It's a good crusade - it has a few too many +1 Difficulty Missions that seem to have been added since the PC guys made their guides, but the loot from missions & the chests was excellent.

106 days ago
That would explain alot. Thanks. Looks like i have to wait till march then
106 days ago

You must have Prophecy DLC on PS4 or XBox for the Ebony Crusade.

106 days ago

here answers:

Void crusade issue

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