Void Crusade missions unavailable after disconnect


I've been having some connectivity issues during void crusades. I get the "You have been disconnected [...]" etc Error.

When that happen I'm locked out of the mission I was trying to finish. The mission is not tagged as failed, but still as availabe. But it is "grey out" and I cannot select it.

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Void Crusade missions unavailable after disconnect
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90 days ago
Also for me it only seems to happen on the “bonus or secret” missions of the Void Crusade, possibly tied to adding Tarot cards to the missions. When I am the “leader” of the Void Crusade my friend and I both get kicked, however when he is the leader and doesn’t add Tarot cards to the bonus or secret missions we don’t get kicked. When I lead we get kicked from bonus and secret missions whether I put Tarot cards on them or not.
90 days ago
I am having the exact same problem!
94 days ago
I guess Tech Support is incapable and doesn't want to admit or doesn't give a crap ... either way I'm fucked.

 ... good thing it's nothing important like a key end-game mechanic. /s
103 days ago

Same issue.  Good luck getting a response.  Devs are radio silent about this issue even though it's been going one for over a year.