Void Crusade Glitch


My freinds and I have been playing and so far in the last 2 weeks have done 2 Void Cusades in both instances at the end of the campaign we have had an issue where the mission appears to lag for 15-30 seconds and after that we loose all our items from the Viod chests that we have looted. 

Freinds On Void Crusades: Bokody, Masadav, Masatrim

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Void Crusade Glitch
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1 year 230 days ago
having the same issue but this is in normal games for me and my friends .... has happened about 4-5 times and we got 0 loot and experience but we did get the influence of all things for the system as theye were randoms done in the season with huge boost.... 

KINDA NEED TO FIX THIS  20-30 minutes for these missions and 40-60k exp and all the loots lost on mostly plunder 3 soul grinder missions.....  getting kinda old fast