Void crusade bug


I finished hardcore Zircon Void Crusade, obtained all rewards from the chests and pressed a touchpad button (dualshock 4 on PS4) to teleport out from the mission. My character actually teleported, but loading did not start, and I was just looking at the empty place where I was at the moment of finishing the mission, but without my character. No buttons worked, I had to close the game. When I entered the game again, the whole crusade was failed, and my inventory was empty!

Moreover, now I try to beat this crusade again, and the same thing keeps happening in the very first level, my character just teleports, but mission do not finish. What should I do?

My PSN ID is ilia_dudin

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Void crusade bug
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117 days ago
We will check on your account in the coming period, until then please do not begin a new Crusade as it is very likely that they all will be broken. Could you please tell me the character's name?