VhFC: Stutter/Lag in chapter 4 (while having high fps)


I know this is an old game, but I recently picked up the Final Cut edition and started playing it.
The only problem I have right now is that the game is almost unplayable from chapter 4. I have 80+ fps, but still the game stutters like crazy. Lowering the textures doesn't help, locking fps neither.
Normally, my pc should be overqualified, I have no problems with other (newer) games though.

Hopefully someone experienced (and solved) the same problem, so I can play this awesome game again!

EDIT: Running VanHelsing_x64_win10.exe fixes the problem, but then I get the message that I need to run the game from steam, or else I won't be able to play the DLC's. Achievement will also be unavailable.

CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 2700X Eight-core 3.7GH
GPU: Nvidia 1070ti
Storage: 1T HDD
RAM: 24 GB
OS: Windows 10 Pro (64bit)

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VhFC: Stutter/Lag in chapter 4 (while having high fps)
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