VH3 stops working at level 28 on PS4


I was playing Van Helsing 3 on PS4 and when I reach level 28 the game stops and an error message CE-34878-0 appears.

I checked if there was a game or system update but everything was ok.

I uninstalled the game and installed it again but the error continues.

I created a new character and managed to play until I reached level 28, when the error occurred again.

What do I need to do to solve this problem and keep playing?

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VH3 stops working at level 28 on PS4
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3 years 195 days ago
Thanks. I'll do this.
3 years 195 days ago

You may want to contact them via their support area messenger.  That's how I got a response.  I don't think they check the forums at all.


Click on "Support Area" above.  Then on that page find the large gold button that reads, "Do you need any support? Contact us on the NeoCore Messenger".  Click on that to bring up the support messenger.