Van Helsing PS4 Industrial Bug


Okay now, what the heck Guys

This Bug is all over the Internet, like from 2013/2014 and its still a thing on PS4?!

Cant get to Tesla in Industrial Port, since its not showing up on Portals and the Entrance from the Sewers doesnt give me a "L2" Popup to Enter it... 

Im already pissed becasue of Martyr how it performs on PS4 and now this... I really wanterd to support you Guys, but like i said already, you make it hard for me. 

Van Helsing is a Blast, i bought the Trilogy on PS4 but this is a "OLD GAMEBREAKING BUG" that SHOULD NOT EXIST ANYMORE!

SO what, you make me a Udate ASAP or what?!

PS. why is resetting Perks not a thing?!

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Van Helsing PS4 Industrial Bug
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