Van Helsing. Neocore connect problem.


Good day. I've got endless loading in the game when trying to get access to my Neocore acc. Does anybody had the same problem?

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Van Helsing. Neocore connect problem.
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262 days ago

Online features are still available since closing the online server, you need to select 'Play offline' then select 'Multiplayer' from the character select screen.

So, DO NOT TRY TO LOGIN, choose 'Play Offline' and agree to the warning, on the following screen select your character and click on the 'Multiplayer' option...

268 days ago

Same problem. I am surprised that after so much time there is no response from the administration.

283 days ago
I have the same problem
289 days ago
300 days ago
Yeah i verified my account, when i put my info in and  click to log in it just sort of pauses at logging in and doesn't progress, im approaching the two hour mark for logging in for steam, if I resolve this im getting a refund.
304 days ago
+ Same problem

304 days ago
sorry kinda late but im actually having this proble now was this not ever fixed
355 days ago

Same here, actually this problem already last a couple days...

356 days ago
Same here, downloaded the game for the very first time and I can't log in.
356 days ago
The same here, I started to play again after many years and now I can play only offline...
356 days ago
I have the same problem