Van Helsing 3 - How do you setup PowerUp Combos?


How do you properly setup PowerUp combos on VH3 on XBOX? According to the instructions you are to go to the Skill Panel and press "Y" on a powerup to create combos. However, when you go to the skills panel and press "Y" nothing happens. When you press "A" to select a skill and select a PowerUp, pressing "Y" does not activate any combo system at all? I cannot assign priorities at all or setup combos in any place in this game. I think it was left out or is missing?

I've tried several ways to try to setup combos and it just won't work. No matter what I do on the Skills panel, all I can do is upgrade an ability, learn and ability, press "Y" to LINK skills to button presses and press "X" to unlearn something.  There is no direct way to control how powerups are distributed.  So you cannot setup PowerUp Combos.

The only way I can do this is manually during the game using the R-Thumbstick. But I have to do it manually every time. The LB combo press just selects the default assignments every single time.

Can anyone please explain how to properly do PowerUp Combos on XBOX for VH3? Or was this feature not implemented? The documentation under JOURNAL and Help online is incorrect or vague. 

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Van Helsing 3 - How do you setup PowerUp Combos?
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2 years 54 days ago

Okay so i was contacted by neocore games support. This feature of the game is missing and was never implemented for the XBOX version of Van Helsing 3. They never got around to patching the game to implement the missing power combo feature. They have their hands full with other projects. The developers are aware of it, but as of yet never got back to adding it. Hope this helps everyone out there, that was wondering about this missing feature.