Useless Archeotech Psychic Focus Enchantment


Found a Psychic Focus with this enchantment:

"+x% chance to Shock on Poison Skills Hit"

I'm guessing it pulls from a pool of enchantments that all other belt slot equipment pulls from. Since the Psychic Focus can only be equipped by Psykers, and the Psyker has no skills with the Poison tag, this is a useless enchantment for it to be assigned.

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Useless Archeotech Psychic Focus Enchantment
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356 days ago
Yes, a Psyker may use Poison and Skills and Doctrines. So if you got the correct ones and so on, you can do quite a bit of Poison damaging I tell you.

But I reckon it is quite a bit of work to get it pretty much right.

356 days ago

hyper-rad Psalm + Hyper-rad Psalm + Transonic Psalm + Voltagheist Psalm + Hermeticon Psalm

Inflicting a Poison DoT on an enemy also puts Poison DoT on nearby enemies

yes the game makers have problems i tell ppl what thing mean . it alot of play on words , pain in [email protected]@, and the fire and poison pslam codes dont work on xbox , as of nov 2 , new update  nov 4 hoping they fix it

poison on skill hit,= to assassin weapons  

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356 days ago
Cerberus Hades

I see. So, there could be some clarity then over whether this is referring to psychic powers or if this includes weapon skill hits. As this item is only accessible to Psykers, that's not readily apparent on first read.

In any case, the attribute (on a rare morality weapon) would introduce a % of a %, so at most it would be a 9% chance (assuming), to apply shock, if the poison was applied on weapon skill hit. If it's not useless, then it's underwhelming.

I also just checked the compendium, there are no psalm codes/doctrines that apply poison on skill hit, not that I could find anyway.

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356 days ago

mortality weapon will have it and plsm codes can give poison ,so not really useless,  

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