Uprooting Evil


Dear support members!

I have completed 5 priority assignments on PS4 and obtained "Perfect Record" and "Efficient Operative" trophies, but "Uprooting Evil" trophy counter in the game still shows 1/5.

In the topic available by the below link you wrote that it is to be repaired around 4 months ago, but it still does not work. Please check if this bug still exists. My PSN ID is ilia_dudin


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Uprooting Evil
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52 days ago
Noted, thanks for getting back with the results!
55 days ago
Thanks. I finally got the trophy, but it took me 12 successfully completed assignments, not 5.
55 days ago
This shouldn't be bugged as we tested the achievements several times. However, it glitched somehow (probably due to backend problems or connection) so I will forward your issue to our devs, they will try to handle it in the coming period.
56 days ago


It is definitely a bug, as the counter of "heroic deeds" shows I have completed 5 priority assignments, while trophy counter (sorry it is in Russian as I cant switch language there, but I assure you it is Uprooting Evil) shows only two. See links below.