Update Ps5 game


Is there any news on updates to the ps5 version of the game? The framerate is terrible and the tearing makes the gameplay almost unplayable. Can any of the staff answer? thank you

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Update Ps5 game
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118 days ago

Same here ,on ps5 the game is not a  60 fps ,can you make the game fluid as is the ps4 version when it run on ps5?

Make an option to run in 1080p if is necessary,but please correct tiering and 60 fps stability... the game is fun but has not a ps5 standard performance for me


Frame bleeding is disable

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129 days ago

Frame bleeding is disabled.  The framerate drops during fights with many enemies on the screen… but the worst thing is the tearing when moving around the map. I noticed that the problem gets worse especially in open maps.  By using the VRR function of the PS5 I can mitigate the problem, but only slightly.

130 days ago
With a patch released back on November 30 the performance greatly improved and we received positive feedback in this regard.

Would you please check whether Frame Blending is enabled in your settings? If it is, please disable it and check if the problem is still present.

130 days ago

sorry but, I bought the game, I spent 60 euros and it would be right for someone to answer me.  The game promised next gen performance!  I see that you reply to some posts, may I know if you are still supporting the PS5 version of the game?  I await replies.