Unobtainable secrets/quests.


I really enjoy this game. And for that reason I want to '100%' it. The chapter finishing screen is a nice way to tell if you got everything. Now there are some bugs preventing '100%' on the chapter finished screen but that's only minor to me since you can get the missing secrets/quests. More importantly I cannot seem to find three quests and one secret until chapter 7. I am always missing three quests in chapter 4 (26/29) and I cannot find the last secret in chapter 6 (9/11 since one of them is buggy). It's supposed to be something about the Chimera but I do not understand it. Maybe someone can help me? Also: Is there a list of quests and secrets available somewhere? Steam guides are helpful but they're mostly incomplete.

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Unobtainable secrets/quests.
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