This objective is insane


This objective on the second tier of the seasonal missions is just to much. Been at 19/20 for weeks now. just not reasonable.

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This objective is insane
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270 days ago
Is it the 75 mins to complete void crusade one? 

If so use a guide for the void crusade you are trying to do. You can google Inquisitor Martyr void crusade guide, and find images showing the layout, and cogitator/secret mission locations. It also helps you avoid insane difficulty increases. 
271 days ago
Not sure either. You should always name the exact Challenge. I can´t imagine he talks about the Wandering Servoskull. But I have in some occasions missed out on it.

Deliver in X number of Fragments for Custodian Rebus perhaps? That one can sometimes be a bit tricky if you are just a bit short, and when you need to wait all the way to next Weekend.

272 days ago

Which one?