The Martyr : Chapter 2 Saving Caius Thorn (Xbox One X)


After the mission which bought up this quest step, I have completed over 30 missions within the Aethon system, I have made no progress. Am I looking in the wrong place? Is there something I have missed?  I re-installed the game to see if that did anything, but it did not.  How do I get past this? Please help

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The Martyr : Chapter 2 Saving Caius Thorn (Xbox One X)
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260 days ago

Awesome, Just signed in at its fixed

Thank you

261 days ago
Your character's issue has been resolved just now by a developer of our team. Please check if you can contine the story campaign now.
262 days ago

I have the same issue on xbox series x

Gamertag is ULTIMAT

Character is a heavy gunner crusader named Spartan 

Can you please help?

314 days ago
The issue in question was fixed, please check on your character.