The Martyr: Chapter 2 problem


I seem to have a problem with one of the main chapters. I finished the tutorials and gotten to the part where it says "Saving Caius Thorn" but the only thing i can only interact with the following:

Ragna van Wynter

Online multiplayer

local coop



Hall of Heroes

Helm Cogitator

Stasis Casket

Commendation Desk

There was a point where i could interact with Astropath Remigius Klemet and the figure with the one leg but cant anymore.. also in helm cogitator i cannot travel to any of the planets.. its saying Visit the merciful agony void station (Chernobog system) but i dont see anything that allows me to continue with this mission or this chapter.. is this a bug maybe?

PSN: Crusoulfix66 

Character name: Crusoulfix 

Class: Assault Crusader *Seasonal*

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The Martyr: Chapter 2 problem
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52 days ago
Wow thanks! Its fixed!
52 days ago
We fixed the issue, please check on your character.
53 days ago
I think i figured out what happened.  One of my friends invited me and i didnt finish the chernobog system missions before he invited me. So now my starmap is stuck in the draco system.. in that system i cant do anything there but go back to the command bridge. I tried to invite someone and when i did i wasnt able to start any mission or do anything. When i created another character it allows me to go through the story missions and i was right where i needed to be. But with my 1st character hes not able to do anything..he cant even navigate through the systems in the starmap.
53 days ago

Its still kinda the tutorial until youve unlocked all the NPCs on the command bridge, so missions dont show up in a normal fashion.

-If I'm understanding correctly, you can access the starmap. If so you should be in the chernobog system, and you need to select the location for the mission on the starmap. 

-If your not in the chernobog system, use whatever keybinds, control button is displayed on the screen to return to another sector on the starmap. The one you need to be in should have a purple something icon on it. Click until you are in the system and then click on the planet that has the purple something icon.

That tutorial phase can be a little confusing since there is no clear indicator as to what you should do, or any quick shortcut to begin the mission, there will be a few more like this, but using the starmap to travel to the system location, will let you start the mission.

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