The Great Disappearance of Skill Points


Hi, great devellopers!
You won't believe this, but I found another bug!

My stormtrooper is missing nine (9)  skill points. I don't know how it happened, I was modding my character, making a swordsman a marksman* And I noticed that when I had 111 skills, I kept missing a little bit*

Then I checked the assassin and she's also missing 1 point of skill.

What happened, where are my skill points?


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The Great Disappearance of Skill Points
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1 year 170 days ago

Unfortunatly not. I've made another character:O

1 year 178 days ago
This means all the lost points returned to your Crusader?
1 year 181 days ago

Thank you for your help. The vodkinson failed when I lost contact with the psyker* from the previous problem. Then the skins from the radical branch from psyker appeared in the crusader's puratans skill tree/

Anyway, thanks again. All in all, 9 skins is not such a loss for two weeks =)

1 year 183 days ago

As I see the problem stems from the locked skill trees. I don't yet know how, but you managed to distribute points on specific skill trees while they were locked (or simply got relocked somehow). This goes for NEWERA and as I counted, she has all the skill points displayed. I unlocked all her locked trees now, check it out yourself too.

Vodkinson's situation is a little different. It seems he indeed lost points. I forwarded the problem to our experts, although I cannot guarantee a short fix but we will deal with the problem in two weeks at most. Sorry for the troubles.

1 year 185 days ago

Heavy Gunner's name Vodkinson, and assasin's NEWERA
Accaunt's name JhoeBlack

Thank You! =)

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1 year 185 days ago
Could you tell me your account details? We will borrow your character to investigate the problem. Thanks in advance!
1 year 187 days ago

@MARCOPOLOCS‍  pardon, but could you please help me with my problem? I found that my char lost 9of skill points