Tech-Adept target placement


At first I thought the target placement was incredible because it is. However when trying to use it un higher level content, say +8-+10, and using a turret build, it gets me killed. I am no longer able to "spam" my turrets in a pinch ro either cover my retreat or to simply reposition them. The previous method of pet deployment with turrets was predictable,  roughly 8 meters away from Tech-Adept directly between you and the target. Now however a quick launch of anything has you charging into the mobs you're trying to create space with. While I would hate to suggest a rework knowing how painful that would be how about a possible revert to the previous system of pet deployment. 

Great work and I still love the game!

Xbox one

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Tech-Adept target placement
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85 days ago

I also wrote about this. It should be clarified that the problem of placement exists only on consoles Xbox and PS4. In PC versions, placing minions with the mouse is quite convenient. But on consoles traffic control is different and there such placement of minions is very inconvenient.

86 days ago
Thanks for your feedback!

We got a few more remarks on the new target placement so we will see. Maybe some changes will take place while the placement will basically remain.