When playing melee Crusader, the targeting is consistently off. Instead of targeting an enemy closest to you, your character goes to an enemy that is not even remotely close to you. Please improve the targeting. This is not in the R3 target mode. It’s in normal state. PS4 version.

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1 year 29 days ago
I agree with fradiavolo.  The original PS4 release had significant target issues, but subsequent patches improved targeting.  However, one of the most recent patches is a clear step backwards.

Now, ranged weapons often target random enemies in the distance or random inanimate objects in the level.  One would expect the single target weapons to choose the closest or most convenient enemy in the player's current direction.

This issue is most obvious when a nearby targeted enemy dies while there are several additional enemies at short, medium, and long ranges.  The next targeted enemy becomes one of the furthest.
1 year 42 days ago
Ok. Thank you. Something might have been overwritten in recent deployment.
1 year 45 days ago
I will ask the console team to look into the issue but I can tell that the targeting system has been reworked and polished at least 3 times in the past to find the best possible behavior. I'm not sure if any further adjustment will take place so long after the game's release but at the very least I will have the console team check it.