Suggestion for Improvement of Archeotech Weapons


Currently Archeotech weapons can roll with a predetermined bonus to certain skills. Perhaps these vary in usefulness and maybe wouldn't be on a skill you would normally use much, meaning it's not really that great.

Suggestion - A small pool of bonus that can roll on any of the skills, with at least one skill being advanced version per item, with chance of more. Bonus could be generic such as increased damage for that skill, or reduced cooldown, or less overheat etc etc. Or skill specific such as, single target skills gain a small low-damage splash effect, which would enable multiple "on-hit" effects per shot, an AOE skill could be increased in area, a tag could be improved such as armor piercing instead of breaking, small spread instead of moderate, a tag could even be added to a skill such as the chance of gaining armor breaking on a skill that doesn't have it etc etc.

So any of the 4 skills could gain one of the relevant bonus from the pool. This would create a huge variation in possible rolls for these items and give more reason to seek them out and favour them over regular relics. Perhaps even the ancients could have these advanced skills roll on them too. These items need to be considerably better than normal relics which have the advantage of being able to be rerolled into anything you want.

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Suggestion for Improvement of Archeotech Weapons
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118 days ago
Thanks for response anyway.  It's completely up to you guys obviously but my further idea would be - 100% chance for any one of the skills to gain one of the bonus, 50% chance for a second skill to gain a bonus, 25% for a third..  it would make it more RNG of course but some of these items could end up being quite nice and worth the extra cost of rerolling the primary/secondary enchants which you generally have to do with anything you want to use.
118 days ago
We will think about this. The Archeotech items got revised though not too long ago and we didn't plan further changes.
119 days ago
At the very least, base damage should be higher for Archaeotech.  I didn't even really know about skill bonuses until recently, and I've played the game for months!  If a skill is buffed then its frame should glow or something in the item description, perhaps even add a bit more pizzaz to projectile effects.  At this point I junk 99% of Archaeotech.