Suggestion for endgame content with existing systems


Void Crusades are an excellent game mode but after a while they are a bit lacking on their own for an endgame cycle. Perhaps creating a game mode that leverages Void Crusades would provide more longevity for the endgame. For example, making something like priority assignments where instead of each step being a single mission it was instead a full crusade of a certain type, or several crusades of specific types. The requirement for the step could be to obtain some amount of keys, like an Ivory key, Ebony key, or Viridian key and have these drop from the supreme chests in their respective crusade. This would motivate players to run through the different types of crusades and give further incentives to complete them. Another option might be to have certain keys drop from subsets of crusades. For a final prize at the end of this priority crusade assignment thing there could be three or four pieces of 6 enchant gear at your level to choose only one from. The idea would be to give incentives to players to continue running Void Crusades without adding too much development time as a requirement.

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Suggestion for endgame content with existing systems
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