I came following the lives and you said that there would be other ways Turrets for armor like fire to summon soldiers  so I would like to suggest again.

Turrets it Flames and Laser 

Turrets it a new deploy like drop in floor and he mount  new animation

Summon Guardsmans   armor powerLike you guys promisses.

New graphics to hold 2h hammer more Epic.. like Dawn of war games, cause he hold in tab that so ugly.

New armor it a Helmets, or maybe helmet slot cold be nice have more equip to put.

Heavy armor it Barrage shots not just missle.

Fatality it weapons Range  in bosses too.

Weapons it more Dots, so you can use better skill tree.

Laser sight for some weapons or, might you can upgrade the weapons like Deathwing game..

Thx a lot

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