Splinter Fleet Event


Dear Conclave,
I'm back in the game after some months away. I finished the 60 missions of the Splinter Fleet Event. The good part is my Main who reached level 85 (from 81), almost 86, with this event. And the amount of Xenos we purged, of course.
The heretic part, are my rewards that were containing once again useless stuff, as there was nothing worthy of my Assassin.
Worst, not only the stuff was mainly for another class (I never got any weapon for my Assassin in all the events to date), but it was very weak as my own stuff has more slots, more interesting stats, etc. Which means the only reason that makes those rewards interesting, is to be dismantled.
For the next events, could you talk to you Tech-Priest to ensure we got something really valuable that matches the played class? I already got some "old" Archeotech Relics and my main Exitus Rifle is one of them. Here, I got a Null Rod Ancient Relic... a Null Rod ... for a Sniper Assassin. A new Archeotech Relic variation, with a unique and amazing design, for my Hololithic Armour would be far more interesting than a Null Rod. Being able to choose our rewards would help also, to avoid this situation.

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Splinter Fleet Event
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1 year 42 days ago

Note that I started and almost finished this WE a new Void Crusade, and it offers both more variety in the missions and enemies, but also much more interesting rewards. I got some Archeotech Relic stuff including a nice new bodysuit for my Assassin, tons of other rewards I can dismantle or sell, which means this is far more useful and fun to start a Void Crusade instead of spending time on this kind of event. Here, there should be unique rewards, decorations for the bridge, cosmetics for our Inquisitors, and anything making the event really special.

1 year 47 days ago
Thanks for your feedback, I made sure to forward it to our endgame team who is in charge of creating new events.