Some PC Achievements do not work properly



Three Achievements in the Steam version of Deathtrap are currently not working as they should. 

"No Pasaran!" and "Killing floor," which ask a player to build 1000 tower/floor traps respectively, do not seem to track progress at all.  Both Achievements report 0/1000 progress for myself and several other players.  Similarly, "Jack of all trades," which asks a player to build 15 different types of traps in one level, does not seem to work as intended.  

Looking at Steam global Achievement statistics for Deathtrap, less than 5% of players have credit for these Achievements, which leads me to believe they did work at one point, but have since stopped.

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Some PC Achievements do not work properly
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3 years 355 days ago
5 years 346 days ago

I tried asking about this on Discord, and "megagergo" and I briefly exchanged DMs about these Achievement bugs on November 16, 2017.  He said he'd "it's on our list and gonna be fixed soon!  thanks for reporting it btw!"

That was 9 months ago.  :(