So, again, the classic Conversion thingy(s) and how it works?


So, yes, again in here, we have the classic thing about the Conversion thing. You know, the Phys. to Warp, Heat and so on and back, you know...thing. Am also asking since trying to make and play an Assassin which deals in Close Combat & Warp Damage.

Yeah, I know. A few posts here and there, about this issue, and now I wish to have it explained, once and for all, pls.

Ok, let´s start at the top and work our way down. Or up. Whichever you prefer.

1. The very first one, which is as usual the one Doctrine that states the following - 100% Physical Damage converts into doing WARP Damage, and gain +20% Warp Damage.

Ok. This one is fairly? obvious. ALL my Physical Dmg is being converted from Physical into doing Warp Dmg instead. And in the same time doing this, you are also getting a +20% PURE Damage which is clean WARP, and nothing but WARP. Which again it means it is not converted from anything.

So far, so good I believe.

2. Some says the passive Skill Tree which is dealing with PURE Physical Damage bonuses is useless?? when used with this kind of Doctrine?

How come, this may be the case? If I´m using (as I´m in my Assassin case) using Weapons, which purely and basically is dealing in Physical Damage, where all Physical Damage is converted into Warp (from Doctrine), then how could a skill tree like that be a waste? Which is still bonuses to my Physical base. I guess there may be something that I do not see here.

Ok, so next one.

3. On some Weapons and other items I see there are Specific (With this I mean Physical, Warp, Burn, Poison etc..) skill(s) on/to Hit and so on. So, let´s say I have an item that says: 50% Chance on Physical Skill hit to Shock Enemies.

Now, is my as of now Warp Damage converted from Physical counting as a Physical Skill Hit? I believe not?? Since I already converted it? And if I´m right, that "Physical" should really be WARP Skill Hit in order to make it work. Is this correct or what?

And then till last, as I also been wondering about...

4. Now, as I already have converted all my Physical converts to Warp, now it goes to the other Doctrines that gives +50% and +100%. Does it matter what kind of Doctrine I am making now, or may I just use the whatever I fancy to make whether it is the Warp one or Physical one? Since obviously?? it all turns into extra Warp Damage anyway? Or should I plain simply STICK to the WARP one, after I used the Doctrine that converts all the Physical into Warp?

So, I hope I have made meself very clear and understandable here.

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So, again, the classic Conversion thingy(s) and how it works?
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2 years 33 days ago
So, is it all impossible to get help & Clarifications here about my Issue(s) here?
2 years 39 days ago
2 years 41 days ago
Giving me thumbs down for asking sincere Questions, doesn´t really help me, you know. Giving me sincere Answers to my sincere Questions, will help me though. I´m asking quite simply bevcause some of these issues is far from obvious, and some of it is a bit confusing. And if none of you fellow players wants to help out with my Q´s, I then hope at least one of the Devs, may help me out. Thank you.
2 years 41 days ago
You know. Would be nice to have these things explained and levelled out. Since wondering.
2 years 46 days ago
And now it´s being bumped and crossing the fingers for it getting explained in this official forum.