Smaller Feedback


Here's some feedback from a few days play. This will mostly be small things, positive and negative but there might be some bigger things touched on too.

In no particular order for positives:

Not having to click loot to get it is great. The Innoculator is a very cool potion mechanic. The geometry deformation and impact effects are fantastic. The writing is great. Having the option of WASD to move is great. And many more things that are great too numerous to list. Being able to freely respec skill trees and attribute points is awesome. The crafting system is interesting and has some depth to it. The pathfinding is flawless (I've yet to find a location too complicated or far away to click that has a valid path that the pathfinding system didn't immediately find without breaking). It looks incredibly 40k - the character designs, the tilesets, the skulls everywhere the gothic spikyness and fake-latin is all there.

Some niggling little issues:

Dodging is very clunky, having the option for dodge to mouse on a single button press, double tap a movement direction to dodge and dodge key + movement key to dodge are all better ways of doing it imo. Not that having the directional dodge buttons is detrimental, leave them in for the people that want them, but I think most people would prefer one of the other methods.

Cover is a little too fragile and too many enemies have weapons that ignore cover. There's also tons of enemies that seem to have special attacks (guardsman grenades and such) that deal a HUGE amount of cover damage making whichever room you are fighing in flat near instantly. 

Some cover pieces don't quite work when used from some directions (the "collection of small boxes" cover for example) - you end up shooting your own cover and destroying it.

Both of the above cover issues seem especially prevalent on the fungal outdoors nurgly map. Those toadstool tree growth thingies are both very fragile and too large to properly use as cover.

The crafting system timers are really long relative to how long it takes to level and how quickly you get loot. If you craft something big (I have a purple sentinel armor in the oven) often you've outlevelled it by the time it's finished crafting. Not an issue when you're level 20, but during all but the endgame the timers are counterproductive.

An out-of-combat built-in movement speed boost would be really appreciated. Movement speed in combat is fine - movement speed during down time is too slow I feel.

And shockingly, some of the weapons could do with less yes, less impactful hit effects. Autoguns especially blow things to bits like they are bolters, which makes the actual bolters feel a lot less cool. I'd suggest having lower power-per-shot weapons like autoguns just ragdoll dead enemies instead of blowing them into tiny chunks. Everything up to 11 at all times means it doesn't really feel like 11 - can't see any peaks if everything is peaks.

This last one is less of a niggling issue: I really think normal missions should award a small amount of character xp. I think taking the fate rewarded for a mission as a guideline would be a good starting point, so a 5 fate mission gives you 5% (somewhere in that vicinity at least) of what a 100-fate tarot mission would give you. Tweak as appropiate for progresion speed obviously.

It's mostly an issue because there can be stretches where people just end up stuck with weapons they don't really like  (or only 1 weapon they like) for a long time while they grind for fate to level up the character to unlock weapons they might like more. Maybe letting people "research" weapon unlocks ahead of time for credits and time? That way if they're fate starved but they really want that heavy bolter unlock they can grab it early? This isn't really small feedback anymore so I'll stop.

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Smaller Feedback
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6 years 314 days ago

Updating after more (too much, cause game's too good!) playtime.

ATM crusader lvl 18 account level 7.


I'm not in hurry for a auction house.

But a way to trade / send stuff to IG friend would be very nice (same inside party).

/Unlimited ammo

I first didn't notice this huge detail, but it's a pefect choice, especially  for such a game.

Not having to bother with ammo is the perfect example of all the good choices you did, so far.

/general gameplay

The more i play, the smoother gameplay evolve.

I have options to react (traps, locked room with poison / gas), options to attack (cover, rush and use exploding stuff around, use CC or brutal dps, etc), and discover more and more mission / tileset / objectives.

/Stuff quality / rarity

Again, variety and quality of drops seem to be perfect.

PLUS the fact there's not a huge gap between each qualities of stuff, i like it.

6 years 315 days ago

Some more feedback after some thoughts and playtime :

1/ craft

At first glance, recipes seemed expensives.

But since the crafted item scales with player rank, it's ok.

And it's a very nice feature.

2/ Deconnected while in mission

The only annonying part is not to be disconnect and loosing progression, but loosing what has be done (xp gained, looted stuff, etc).

Any chance it can be fixed , despite technical limits ?

3/ Maps

I'd wish some secrets parts (breakable walls, hackables ways, unlockable path through secondaries, tertiary or hidden objectives).

Out of radar maps is always enjoyable, especially when it lead to some  super secret area / super boss / rare encounter (and treasure of course).

Combo dungeons : Maybe some mission could begin outside, and finish inside a deep complex / crashed ship. Or whatever combo of environnement could suit to that kind of design.

If already implemented, i'm in hurry to playtest them.

6 years 315 days ago


I was about to write my own small feedback, after a few days of testing.

But this one is so well written, and since i agree on 99% of what is said, i'll only add a few commentaries.

1/ if a sticky post for general feedback had to be created, the previous post should be the first !

2/ general feeling about the game

ATM my main toon reached rank 14 and lvl account 6 (crusader).

Actually, playing a spacemarine make feel like playing an heroic spacemarine, not a whimp / gimp, like in many games.

The difficulty is here, but it serves the purposes of fun, not frustration or stupid scenarios failure, just to lenghten things.

3/ Stuff / equipment

A big thank you for the lack of restrictions : my crusader can equip any armor from other spec, and it's very cool.

Same for utility slot (from grenade to digital weapon and shield).

It greatly encourages variety of equipement / builds, and it's sound promising and rewarding.

It's the opposite of the clone wars from many mmo / arpg, where 99% of players ends with 2 or 3  combo of builds / stuff.

4/ coop

I tried friend coop = perfect, since you can choose difficulty. 

I like the fact that  playing with mates allows you to deal with higher difficulty mission, not the same difficulty with more mobs, tougher for some stupid reason, not making any sense (none likes to be spanked by minions 2, 5 or 10 times stronger because of coop adjustement).

But with auto-party tool, the difficulty chosen by engine seems to low. It resulted in a run to the few kills to make on the maps.

I suggest to increase the default 'mission rating' selected by the engine, when playing coop through the auto-party tool.

5/ The power rating system

I like it, at last in the way i understand it. And imho, it's just brillant !

6/ Map size

Perfect for begining. But i really hope we'll get bigger ones as character grow.

I also hope we'll get some open field vast ones, with grottos and buildings on the same ground (more exploration, even if im' not sure exploration will fit with game theme). Not sure if it's possible (regarding engine), but it doesnt cost a thing to ask !

I'm also wondering if multilevel maps can be considered ? (again, my taste and obsession for deep exploration / immersion is talking).

7/ Weapons

Some feel too strong for their format (pistol in particular, especially pair of bolt gun vs heavy bolter).

But overall the 'power' is here, in the character's hands.

And it feels damn good.

Maybe shotgun are a bit weak, not sure. Need to do more test.


I tested a bit of melee weapons (on my crusader, with the range / melee switch in mind).

I think melee weapons (even 2 handers) are very weak, compared to the advantage of shooting from range.

But i guess at higher levels, stuff, stats and perks / skilltrees can change this a lot. Has to be re evaluated later, at higher ranks / account levels.

8/ XP

Ok at this point. But as original poster, i think that a mission giving XP for rank should give a small bonus to account lvl XP, and reciprocally. Something like 5 to 15% ? Another great option could be a slider, where you choose the % of XP going to rank pool, and wich goes to level account pool. As always, the doability is the question (I suspect rank xp and acc. level xp  not scaling on the same way / same pace).

9/ rank and perks

Not much to say at this point. Need further testing.

But there's a lot of choice, very appealing.

Free reset at will is a huge plus.

End - a few questions and wondering

- What will the max levels  be ? High, i hopes ^^ . Why ? Because the longer, the better !

- Any chance to see some perma maps  added (like old school dungeons in anarchy online : TOTW is the best example), with a high players count on it (10, 25, 50) ? Something like sieging or whatever will fit game theme and meta campaign .

- If pvp is really implemented, any chance to see a system like in LOTRO , where players can level and play the mob faction (only in pvp) ? It would be a great addition / extension of the gameplay / activities.

- Didnt see dyes. Guess they will be added some days.

- Need personnalized portraits and armor appearances for rank, lvl, achievement etc. Only cosmetic !

I'll try to update along playtesting.

Keep up the excellent job / art for a so long awaited gameplay.

PS : forgive spelling, grammar etc, since i'm not an english native.

6 years 317 days ago
Nice write-up, very useful :) Adding this to our feedback list.