Several bugs to report XBOX ONE


Playing on Xbox One (original) currently. Sometimes the map will load; but the character will not; thus leaving me staring at an empty map, pretty rare but it has happened 3 times to me now. Restarting the game fixes the issue. Also, matchmaking times for Co-OP are inordinately long -- after waiting for 20+ minutes multiple times, on multiple occasions; I have essentially given up on this aspect of the game at this point. LOVE THE GAME, its great art is great, love it overall. Please address this, thanks. 

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Several bugs to report XBOX ONE
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2 years 237 days ago
Could you please take a screenshot of the 1st issue you mentioned if you encounter it again? We haven't encountered this issue yet  nor has it been reported by anyone, so a screenshot/picture would be of great help! Thanks in advance!

As for the coop, we are planning to implement 2 - 3 members of party options so players can more quickly find a party to play with!