Seasonal Event Tier II Last Task


Hi, I have searched on google. But I found only sites copying basic information about the game. I asked in game chat, but he is dead. Maybe here I can find out the answer to a simple question. How do I complete the Seasonal Objective? Tier 2 is called "Rignteus Struggle" (Complete 3 Callengers) 

I already have 2 out of three, but how I got them - I don’t know. Whatever difficulty levels I put on missions, the last 3 is not credited to me. Completing Astopath(nps) missions without healing and buying benefits (5 above my levels)  than me does not help. HOW TO DO IT?? Thanks in advance if anyone answers the question.

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Seasonal Event Tier II Last Task
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73 days ago

Thank you so much. It works!) thanks a lot!

74 days ago
Challenges appear every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for your character. You can find these on the right side when you are on your Command Bridge. Completing 3 of them will unlock the objective.