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hello. i dont know how long till season ends (would appreciate a timetable (or estimate)), but this is ridiculous. no matter how or what i do, this one extremely (and pardon my french but STOOPIDLY) grindy objective is rising EXTREMELY slowly. 

like travelling on a space hulk sized monstrosity without warp capability, from Holy Terra to the remains of Cadia, at waaaaaaaaaay less than 1% sublight speed, on one badly damaged plasma drive/engine, and against solar wind (wink) slow. 

anyone can help with this? id like to finish since its the last thing to do. and then pray, to what ever diety or daemon will listen, for the remaining time that next season/s are either nonexistent (and automatically grants everything), or are very anti-grindy (like guaranteed completetion after some reasonable amount of time/missions). thanks

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season help
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121 days ago

Well, for instance Items that has the ability - Gives a X% Chance to trigger a Judgement Spell on HIT dealt on them should certainly help with that.

It is the difference between having a Grind or the Explosives of Fireworks each and every Mission you dash through.

121 days ago

I would recommend posting on the game's official Discord or Steam forum as the activity there is higher than on this platform.