Saving Caius Thorn bugged



My mission for Saving Caius Thorn is bugged at 4/5 missions. I need the 5th mission to continue with the game. 

PSN: Sakurafire 

Character name: Galarion

I love the game and really want to continue. Thanks!

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Saving Caius Thorn bugged
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2 years 138 days ago

Syndicate should be able to save Caius Thorn now. Please check on him when you got some time!

2 years 138 days ago
I am also experiencing this username Telsir 

Character name Syndicate. On the Xbox one

2 years 147 days ago
It worked. Thank you!
2 years 149 days ago
@SAKURAFIRE‍ ‍thanks for reporting your crusader's issue. We corrected the problem on our end could you please check if it works now?