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Warhammer Skulls



It's time for Games Workshop's annual global event, Warhammer Skulls, which is now live on PC, PS4 and XboxOne. Browse dozens of discounted games, watch livestreams, and participate in the event inside Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr & Prophecy as well!

This time, players need to track down certain daemon engines using a powerful eye impact. When equipped, this eye impact marks these enemies with a skull icon. Players can unlock the enchantments on the powerful implant by killing these daemon engines.

This is a great time for newcomers as well, because we have our best discounts on Steam yet during the event (June 3-10):

Additionally, Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr is free to play for a limited time on this weekend on Xbox (among others, read here for more information).

So join us purging the unholy, or just take a look around Steam and Games Workshop's amazing catalogue of games.

 In any case, have fun, and remember:

The Emperor Protects!

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Sale and Event: Warhammer Skulls
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2 years 108 days ago

Let me first start off by saying I enjoy this game immensely and played it steadily since it's launch. I appreciate the effort that has been put forward to add new content, patch existing issues, and  adding events and seasons. That being said, I find myself becoming increasingly frustrated at this event. 

After looking at the description, it was clear how the having the eye implant worked and what factions to run missions from. After running a mission or two, I assumed that the targets would be Elite or Villains, and this would be achievable based on my play time. This is proving to not be the case. I find myself on the last day, having run around 85 missions, but sitting only at 54 skulls. Again, I only guessed the goal was one per mission, but I encountered around 30 missions with no Skulls in them. I ran hunt missions first, then purge and would often encounter Elite and Villain enemies that would turn out to not be skulls.  So I am wondering if something is not acting as expected, or if I just had unrealistic ideas of how the event was supposed to work.  At this point, on the last day, I don't think I'll make it past the 65 mark, which is disappointing because I thought the idea behind the event was good, it's just turning out to way harder and more frustrating than I thought. Especially when you run a hunt mission with two villains in it and come out with zero. I play on X Box One with the gamertag of Saber 7 Actual.

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2 years 111 days ago
Thank you very much.
2 years 111 days ago
Oh, I forgot to mention that there is a counter on the event window as well. :)
2 years 111 days ago
Brother Kundari

Yes, you are right. You have 4 days left before the end of the event. As for the exact end, it is 06.10 23:59:59 (GMT+2).

2 years 113 days ago
Ok, so the Event with this item which marks the enemies with Skulls, and to unlock ALL the stats on this specific item is going on till THE 10th of June, and after that, it is officially over, you mean? So if you DO NOT have ALL the stats finished by THE 10th, you will ONLY have the ones you actually got. And will NEVER have the chance to get the stats on the item in any other way. Have I understood this 100% correct?

Are we also having some kind of Timestamp to be aware of? Like 7PM 10th it is ALL over. Or is it 12PM CET Midnight bang on, and that´s it?