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OK, so the game is out for the PC with fanboys enjoying various perks and things like that, the skulls for the skull throne for example, my question is what do the console gamers get.

seems to me like the PC owners are getting a lot of of interest but the console players are not getting anything at all

We have missed out on the first event already , and considering this was supposed to be released across all platforms on the same days (which failed by the way) where is the love for the console players..... or do you just not give a sh1t about us..................

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4 years 109 days ago

I have to agree with Dallaen, i am a console player, and am looking forward to getting it in July.

Hopefully the guys are fixing everything that is coming up on the PC version so we dont have the issues they are having, i'd rather have the game work and be playable than have a little pet that follows you round in game..

4 years 109 days ago
Trust me when i tell you.  You are not missing anything and honestly you had better hope when it releases on console it's at least playable and better then its current state.