Reworked Heavy Flamer Skills



I ve been playing as a Heavy Flamer Crusader since the previous season. I loved the changes introduced in the current season written in the changelogs as "Tweaked the Heavy Bolter, the Multi-melta, the Heavy Flamer, and the Melta Gun to have new effects and new skill mechanics." So now the last skill called posphorus splash in the Heavy Flamer has "Persistent" but much higher cooldown, which still made it an amazing dmg dealing skill.

Which is why I was very excited to find the advanced version of it (Idk if there is a proper name to these skills in different color). To my surprise though, I think the "advanced version" of the skill didn't receive the same changes the original one did. 

Problem is, the advanced version has different tags like high suppression, knockdown, knockback, which the original one doesn't have.

Can we confirm if this is intended? The red versions of the skills feel incredibly weaker compared to the regular versions.


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Reworked Heavy Flamer Skills
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