Request for small but significant changes (ps4)


I do not understand why you care so little about PS4, I suppose it's about sales but we do not have hackers, bots, etc. You should change one detail, cape! . Game  a bit stutters on ps4 pro, maybe not on slim :) Besides the annoying is  while playing or loading textures blink. I think that this is not much, except for stuttering, it would improve the level of the game. It is also worth expanding online ... but it's just a dream :)

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Request for small but significant changes (ps4)
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2 years 302 days ago

We are already working on optimization and there will be considerable changes but this requires time (most likely the Season2 will bring these changes mostly). There will  also be minor improvements with every new patch coming out until then.

2 years 302 days ago

Yes, but frames per second... blink textures...player draw should we keep the players, if about 3% came to the zone of war, how to achieve achievements if there is no one to play with. And all this because of what  i writing about, they also laugh about achievements because they are language mistakes in my version.  I try to defend this game and no one helps me. It's not a computer that's a console, do not forget about something fast you dont have time. 

2 years 303 days ago

Thank you for your feedback! Our console team continuously aiming to make more improvements in this aspect as well. It will take time though to see major changes!