Repeating quests


Im playing the ps4 ultimate edition on ps5 with sister of battle dlc.  i keep repeating quests here and there such as quest 3 at the intro with the martyr and asking where the magos biologist is. The passives is also bugged where most of the passives are unlocked then theyre locked again. The demolisher heroic deed isnt registering the exploding canisters, i also acquired all of the rewards that were supposed to go to my other characters with Sister of battle. 

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Repeating quests
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1 year 10 days ago

I'll try it now. When you exit the game and go back in, do you have to repeat the process? Also, are you using a regular sister or seasonal?

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1 year 10 days ago

It's not really a fix, but I had the same problem on PS4, and I just backed out to the main menu after every mission and that seemed to help a bit. Eventually (after repeating every mission in the prologue at least twice) I managed to get to my ship. I have not had to repeat a mission since. Seems like it is only a problem with the prologue, which we should have been able to skip. 

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1 year 10 days ago
So in the case of the martyr at the beginning, i would finish mission 3, game would send me back to mission select at the martyr but mission 4 would not be available, it would want me to do mission 3 again. In the case of the magos biologis mission, i would head to the station to ask where is the magos biologis, finish that conversation, backout of the station and the next mission wouldnt appear, it would just want me to do the conversation again of asking where is the magos biologis.
1 year 10 days ago

Hi, thank you for your report. How does this look like exactly? You finish a mission, teleport back to the bridge, and the next mission available is the very same one? Is it just with the fast option by any chance? ('Travel to location') or do you also get the same one on the mission deployment screen