Remapping of Psykerskills/ MenuWheel


Hy again, 

I made a Psyker and have a bit of an issue. The Mapping of Psyker Skills. Oh boy my fingers! I tried "Default & Advanced" Mapping, but when u use Warp Rod, jeez, both of them are VERY Unconfortable... Im vrry used to Gamepads but neither L1/L2 or X/Triangle for Warp reducing Attacks are Comfi. Since u wanna use both of these attacks, mean Warp Blast and Witchfire u cant hold it Comfi for long. Plus, Witchfire slways needs retriggering to Spam again inbetween Warpblast. Thats not such an issue however when the Mapping would be more Comfi. 

The Wheel in the Menue doesnt like me very much.. 

A lot of times u wanna go to inventory but u end up in the Starmap. On Pc not so much of a problem but on Ps4 u have loadingscreens. This adds up and can be annoying. Im totally used to that, just wanted to let u Guys know. 

Thnx and please do the Mapping, it would be awesome and i bet a lot of people would appreciate it on Console!! 

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Remapping of Psykerskills/ MenuWheel
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2 years 338 days ago

thank you for your feedback, it has been forwarded to our console team who will check what can be done in this aspect!