ragna stuck pls help


ragna van wyntar is stuck every time i talk to her a mission pops up for me to watch a video but then i dont actually receive a mission and i cant open the store and the mission marker just sits above her head im on a the ps5 and playing the ps4 version my character is a techpriest

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Store Page
ragna stuck pls help
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182 days ago
I'm such a silly goose. My bad, could you please message me with your account details on this website's support chat? (Accessible by scrolling down somewhat on the front page, it will be in a yellow text box) 
182 days ago
on a console my dude
183 days ago
Any chance you could try accessing the store by pressing 'F' instead of clicking on her? If that works, most likely the bindings got changed, and you can change them back to your preferred setting in the controls menu.