Psyker skills, weapon tags - melee force weapons


First of all i would like to thank you for this amazing game in the universe i love.

After some 100 + hours in the game as a psyker and trying a bunch of builds this is my feedback about some skills and implementations that are broken or not fitted for this class:


Melee tree

1. Weapon Mastery - 5% critical damage on combo skills - Psyker class doesnt have combo attacks

2. Eviscerate - 50% Suppression damage on Fleshbane attacks - No melee psyker weapon has Fleshbane tag -> i tried to use it on a Bolter build :)

Melee Force weapons and Aetherwalker subclass

I dont know what is the developers view on the psyker class but if you add a subclass that should do melee damage it should be viable.

For me the easy way to fix it its to give some tags for the Force melee weapons.

1. Force Sword - Single Target -> the only Tag on it can be buffed through the Single Target, Physical, Melee trees -> no build can use it properly. I tried with the Single target one hit kill explode Relics to get some AoE, going Radical to have Armor Break from psalm codes and changing the physical damage to warp, works some what but is lacking.

2. Biomantic Sword - Shock -> for a fire build melee using the fire aura and the sword. This build works much better only because of Fire Aura skill but the problem is that there are so little skills that are of use from passive trees because of the lack of tags. 

3. Aether Blade - Single Target -> only build that i use this sword is for Scryer movement.

If you compare the Psyker force melee weapons Tags with any weapon skill of any other weapon in the game the difference is outstanding.

Best builds and only ones that work at high level are the caster type Psyker and the pistol one so the Empyreanist and Scryer Expertise. I even got a build using plasma pistol Focused Bolt with the AOE on Single Target One Hit Kill Relic because of the TAGS and high skill damage.

The Aetherwalker Expertise should be buff and melee (even his special perk Anointment suggests that) type, but at this point its a pain to make a build work using Force Melee Weapons. Having better TAGS on the melee weapons (or at least more than 1 ) could open on some damage or utility improvements.

Thank you

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Psyker skills, weapon tags - melee force weapons
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48 days ago
Psyker is currently undergoing a deeper reworking which will make the class more balanced compared to the other classes. As the work hasn't been finished on it I will convey your notes to our designers so they can consider them.

Thank you!