Psyker anomaly mechanic


I can see how limiting psykers to 3 buffs instead of the full 5 helps balance, but the 10%/20% per second anomaly chance has made the class irritating to play. I'm hoping this gets rebalanced because I haven't played psyker much in the past and was looking forward to doing so this season.

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Psyker anomaly mechanic
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106 days ago

We will decrease their effects and their numbers too via a hotfix coming out later this week!

107 days ago
Agreed, it's gone from an interesting mechanic to play around to utter cancer if you even think of going above the minimum heat levels, maybe if the Res perk that prevents self damage stoped the problem as well, but as it stands it's just not worth it, frankly it's kinda making Psyker far less fun, I can understand the limit on self buffs but this on top of that seems like your just trying to stop people playing Psykers after all that work redoing the class
108 days ago
It is way too easy now to be swamped by warp anomalies especially for a lower level character.  Either the anomaly spawn rate needs to be really toned down, the warp heat rejection rate increased, or the level of heat that triggers the anomalies raised.