Psalm Doctrine for AoE not working?


I tried applying the following Psalms to form the Doctrine that decreases area of effect by 30% but increases damage by 150%, but it is displayed as "Invalid Psalm Name" and does not appear to work at all.

The psalms are: Aegis Psalm + Neuralis Psalm + Iron Psalm + Uncreator Psalm

Anyone else have this issue?

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Psalm Doctrine for AoE not working?
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2 years 226 days ago

There will be 2 new Crusades coming ;) (Amber and Viridian). A new event will also start soon: Planetary Reclamation. 

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2 years 227 days ago
Thanks for the heads-up! Any other tidbits you cans tell us about the update? :D
2 years 228 days ago
This psalm doctrine got fixed internally already, the next console patch - coming out likely within a week and a half - will implement the changes.
2 years 232 days ago
Yes, everyone has this problem. The bug has been reported serveral times and according to neocore they are currently "looking into this issue". I guess we have to wait for the next patch to get a fix(hopefully).