PS4 "Uprooting Evil" trophy progress not tracking/updating



I just want you to know that this trophy is bugged.

The counter remains displayed at 2/5, and no further progress.

I have to perform to date about twenty missions with two different characters.

Does he have a solution, or am I totally blocked to get my platinum trophy?

I play on PS5 , and here is my ID:   DEUS_IMMANIS

Thank you

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PS4 "Uprooting Evil" trophy progress not tracking/updating
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142 days ago
Uprooting evil progress is stuck at 2/5 completion both for in game achievement and playstation trophy despite completing more than required on each of my 2 characters currently 
142 days ago
Could you please describe the issue in more detail?
142 days ago
Same problem for me, psn ID: Stilly_Steve 
169 days ago
We will modify the number on our backend, please check back on the stat within a few days.
172 days ago
This is the same for me my playstation ID is FuriousLeo 611. I have completed 3 priority assignments in full and only logged one on trophy tracker